Friday, August 11, 2006

Futons and Mr. Kitty

So I watched a movie tonight called ShopGirl based off a book Steve Martin wrote or something. Well it was an ok movie but I think the thing that stood out to me most was the portrayal of the girl, who is single, sitting sadly on her futon before going to bed with her cat curled up with her. Ok why did that have to be portrayed in such a sad manner? Is it sad to be single with a futon and cat because HELLO:

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen that is a futon and a cat! The Imp's futon and cat! We all know this Imp is single so......needless to say I was not very happy with that portrayal given in the movie. So Mr. Kitty and I decided to take some happy shots to show that a single woman and her cat who share a futon can be happy and it is not a sad situation.

Ok yes I know Mr. Kitty doesn't necessarily look happy but I can assure you he was purring at that moment. He was just wanting me to put the camera down and pet him. That last pic is when he finally looked back up at me as if to say "Enough pictures, pet me woman!" He can be quite demanding at times. He is a spoiled brat and I don't know why... ha ha!

So, Mr. Kitty and I have proved that it can be a happy thing for a single female with her kitty and futon and now we are off to bed because tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! Hooray!!


Jericho said...

You do look happy, and I am certain that Mr. Kitty is happy, too. Afterall, he is surrounded by YOU! You are adorable and have a great smile. Oh, by the way, Shop Girl bored me a little...
Have a great weekend!

Sal said...
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TJ said...

Hey Babe!
I'm hoping you know those guys up there. Anyway, I think your futon, your cat are beautiful! Hope things are great. Much love, T-licious.