Friday, August 11, 2006

Its Friday!!

Hey Everybody!

Beautiful Baby here and look at me...I am reading! My Impish aunt says I am a genius and I must say since that is a good thing I will have to agree with her.
I tried to read the book to everybody but they still cannot seem to understand my very eloquent dialect of the baby english language. Since I am a genius though, according to my Imp aunt, I guess I must get used to people not being on the same intellectual plane as I. But I digress, I basically came online to say It's Friday!!! No school for me tomorrow and no work for most of you readers! Enjoy the weekend and maybe I will come back soon!

Ohh look in this picture I am reciting the book I was reading. Sharpening my memory skills. And what is with that bear falling asleep on my back....right in the middle of my recitation? Such rude manners! It was not beary nice.....ha ha my sense of humor is even sharp! Well cheerio to you all...I am off to learn division!

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