Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Imp the Grouch

Whelp seems I have hung myself again.

I auditioned for Dracula at the theatre where I helped with the Fantasticks and stupid me said I would help with the tech if I wasn't cast. I should have known not to say that because...of course! I wasn't cast...I am stage manager. I auditioned for the part of Ms Wells the maid who gets to speak a Cockney accent which I love and have worked hard to develop but nope won't get to use it...glad I own alot of black clothing.

That is what I get for being nice. Sometimes it sucks being nice. Of course the director does not read my blog and I will never voice my feelings because I dug my own hole, can't and do not blame him. But this is my blog so I can poo poo and blah blah on here if I want...so I am...gotta get it out before we start rehearsals.

Blah...Blah...BLAH...that is my definition of life right now....BLAH!


Anonymous said...

go watch pollyanna again!

Sal said...

Sorry you didn’t get the part. I would be willing to help ease the blah blah thing though. *wink*