Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Oh yeah!

So I saw Pirates 2 and all I have to say is oh yeah. Well that isn't all I have to say because I am going to rant slightly about what I not so affectionately title as "Teenie Boppers" those between the ages of 10 and 20 but most predominately ages 12-16. Yes Yes I know I was that age once and I had my moments of stupidity but one thing I did not do is laugh and talk in a movie unless I was laughing at the movie! If I payed 5-8 dollars to see a movie I watched it!
I mean seriously...IF YOU GO TO A MOVIE...SHUT UP...SIT DOWN...PUT THE STUPID CELLPHONE AWAY (that you don't need at age 14) and..WATCH THE MOVIE!!!

I do NOT care what Paul did to his girlfriend last night and what shirt you bought at Delia's last weekend that goes soooooooooooo well with you new skinny jeans from Gap!

I do NOT want you to try and keep rhythm to the music in the movie on the back of my seat!

I do NOT understand how someone so young can have to go to the bathroom so much in two hours...lay off the sodas if you are having such bladder problems!

You do NOT have to text the person two chairs down from you and if the person is not at the movie and you need to talk to them so bad...LEAVE the movie!

AHHHHHHHHHHH!! I seriously have lost all patience when it comes to this stuff. I used to be nice and just sorta give a look but now...if they are still acting in such fashion when the
previews start I say something. They can SHUT UP or pay my eight dollars!

Whew ok I am cool until the next time one of them p*&%#@ me off :) So needless to say I will have to see Pirates 2 again when it comes to DVD before seeing Pirates 3 (yes there is a Pirates 3).

Ohh I will have pics and a post of Beautiful Baby's bday party soon!

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