Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Survey Thingy

So I saw this on Breazy's site who got it from Lime's site so I stole it for my site :)

Have you ever....

Got stuck in an elevator? Yes multiple times, once though I hit the floor and rolled out as the elevator kept going when the doors opened. I felt like James Bond...and I was 8!
Egged a person?No
Stalked someone to find out where they worked or lived ? Chapter 14, Section 6, Lines 15-22 of the Handguide to Professional Stalking paraphrased says I cannot answer this question.
Spent an entire day in nothing but your underwear? I don't think an entire day but extended periods of time...yes.
Read some friends mail or other personal papers without them knowing ? Nope
Gone skinny dipping? Nope...unless a bath counts :)
Been in a fist fight ? only with my brother , but there have been some close calls with others .

Time you tripped? The other day coming into work, a small piece of brick was sticking up from the sidewalk and BAM I found it!
Time you cleaned the base of your toilet? Last Thursday.
Gum you had ? Orbit...the blue pack
Pair of socks? I am not quite sure I understand the you mean last time I wore a pair of socks...or Last time I owned a pair of socks....Last pair of socks I washed? Last pair I saw, ate, sewed, dyed, threw away? I am needing abit more specifics here!
Beverage you had? Vodka and...just kidding...Dasani would be the correct answer.
Spur of the moment decision you had? To get married....just kidding...umm can't remember there are many spur of the moment decisions I make.
Movie you watched? Transporter 2..last night. Acting was as bad as the first one but you watch those movies for cans of Whoop_ _ _ that are opened!

What would you .....
Say if your best friend told you they loved you ? Umm what I say everytime...luv ya too!

Right now ....
What are you wearing ? Shirt, skirt, sandals, sunglasses on top of my head.
What are you thinking ? The answers to these questions.
What are you listening too? the voices in my head
What would you like to be listening to? The ocean.
Are you annoyed with this survey? No
Are you tired? Nope
How many people are in the room ? Umm one, two, three, four, five...five!
Any cuts or bruises on your body? yes I have a bruise on my left quad that I have no idea where I got it.
Are there any animals in the room? weeeellllll I am at work so I am gonna have to say no :)
Are you eating anything ? Just finished eating some strawberries.

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Breazy said...

HEEHEE! Great answers ! I had fun doing it . Hope you are having a good day !