Friday, July 28, 2006

Jack is Back!

See that? Ooooooh yeah! I have always been a Johnny Depp fan, even his "strange" roles, but he has also turned into a very fine piece of eye candy as well. Is that bad for me to say...eye candy? I am not usually a big "fawner" over celebrities but this man and Hugh Jackman are two who just get me everytime! (Can't wait to see Scoop!)

So tonight I am taking The Dad to a theatre here in town which is big and fabulous and outshines the weeny theatre in The Parents' town. I am soooo excited! I luv watching movies with The Dad and we haven't seen on in a theatre together in a while. We both loved the first Pirates and have watched it a zillion times. So tonight we shall see the second one. I have heard blah blah about it and that is fine. I am not going into this movie looking for a fantastic plotline or such, I am going for the pure entertainment of Captian Jack Sparrow and pirate adventures!

Recently I have lost some respect for Kierra Knightley but for this role I put aside my dislikes and will enjoy Elizabeth in whatever adventures she finds herself getting into this time. I am not abig Orlando Bloom fan either but I find he does compliment Johnny well with his character as Will Turner.

So have I said I am excited? Well I am! Now if only work would fly by quickly today so not only can the weekend start but the movie as well! Everyone have a terrific weekend!!


Breazy said...

I took my kids to the theater to see this movie while we were on vacation . It is wonderful ! You all will enjoy it , just remember the third one comes out in 2007! Have fun !

Sal said...
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