Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Gnashing of Teeth!

Hair Pulling!

Yes I am mourning because I lost Nahalla and.... Sob!... Meshach! I lost my precious Meshach! Weeping! I feel so guilty. I should have never incorporated new fish into the tank. I should have let Shadrach and Meshach stay by themselves in their 10 gallon paradise, but no I bought more fish and they killed Meshach! Now all I have left are Shadrach and Samos. Ohhh I rue the day I went into PetSmart! I shall never shop at that store again because of my precious Meshach! Tearing of clothes!

The only sliver of brightness in this dark, dark day is that it seems I have unraveled the mystery behind my html problem. Le sigh but alas I cannot even rejoice in that because of my is a sad....sad day.

Dos of Los Amigos Tres
March 2004 - July 2006

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David said...

How sad! Mesh was a good fish. I remember back when I first met him, back in the day. We watched him move it, move it to Madagascar. We just watched as he went in circle after circle with Shad and Abed. Ah, that was the day. I will shed a tear for the new guy, too, even though I never met him. ;(