Monday, August 14, 2006

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary...

This was one of the sights that greeted me on my visit to our Botanical Gardens this Sat.
I had been being a bum and lazing around when I finally told myself to get up off my lazy bum and get outside some since it was a gorgeous day. So, since it was late in the afternoon, I went to the gardens, took alot of pictures, and thoroughly enjoyed myself.
I was nasty by the time I was done because the humidity was thick enough to cut through with a knife but I still had fun! I saw two weddings going on since the gardens are a very popular place for such things but I could not help but cringe upon seeing the men in tuxedos and the brides in tulle and thinking how badly they must be melting! Oy! If I get married in August it will not be outside in the south ha ha! I have lots of pics to show you guys, so here goes:

This last flower I am told is a rare species called Impis Perennis or the Imp Daisy. This is the only one known of in the world. These gardens are very fortunate that this plant decided to root here. :) So that is all the pics I am going to post for now. I actually had quite a few more but I chose just some of the best few. Hope you enjoyed!


Breazy said...

I love the beautiful flowers! Have a good day !

Sal said...
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David said...

Good to see you made it back again. I've been a few times over the past few months, but not much. Very nice pictures. I like the pic with the red and white flower and the building/railing in the back ground. It has great clarity and the angle is awesome, as well as the vivid color. also like the pond with the blooming lily pads looking straight acros the water. The sun was great at that time and angle. Keep it up, Imp! Ok, of course I like the last one the most, too. Glad you had fun!


TJ said...

Hello from OKC! My friend Trey is sitting beside me and became breathless at the sight of the rare and beautiful Imp Daisy! I told him that wasn't unusual.