Thursday, August 31, 2006


So as some of you will remember I auditioned for Dracula a few weeks back and then ranted about getting the Stage Managing position. I also mentioned the hope that certian eye candy would get a part in the play.
Well my readers, rehearsals have started and the eye candy did get a part. I should be excited yes? We have a talented cast, a great play, and eye candy...what more could you ask for in theatre? (besides a part)
Well...turns out the eye married! Blah! Ugh! Pooh! Pooh! Pooh! THEY ARE ALWAYS MARRIED! Yes yes I know he is eye candy so it to be enjoyed by viewing but for me, to discover eye candy is married taints them somehow. It is just not the same. I mean yes he is still nice to look at but then that red circle with a slash through it appears in my mind eye with MARRIED in bright letters. Ruins the view.

Other than that though the play seems like it going to be fun. Everyone is nice and we don't seem to have any Diva-wanna-bes so far so that is always nice. We shall see how it goes. Of course it will lack somewhat since Dracula won't be like Richard Roxburgh and Van Helsing won't be like Hugh Jackman but alas we can't all get what we want ;)

Hope you all have a great Thursday!

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Dude said...

Glad to hear the production looks to be good all around. Sorry about the eye candy. Maybe next show.

Break a leg!