Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ketchup...ha ha I mean catch up

I am way behind. I haven't posted in forever and I have been so busy there is much to write about.

First: Mr. Nephew turned 5! We had his birthday party on Saturday and he had lots of fun. I got him more computers game, encouraging the already full fledged "computer geek" status. He is his daddy made over in that area but that is ok with me :) Beautiful Baby will be our sports boy! I mean look he already eats like a champion! He chowed on his piece of cake and had a bottle to go with it! LoL :)

Yesterday was 9-11 and hearing the tributes and flashbacks made me want to cry all over again. I heard where people are saying "Get over it" Get over it?!?! HELLO MORONS! People's family died! Loved ones were crushed and burnt to death! It is not like they all died peacefully in a hospital! Ugh inconsiderate people make me angry and unfortunately there are alot of inconsiderate people.

One cool thing about my family is that I am a third generation. I know you are saying "So?" But in saying that I mean that my grandmother, my mother and I are all thirty years apart. Our ages always turn the same ending number ever year. When I was 5, The mom was 35 and Grammy was 65. And so it goes over the years. We had a picture done when I was in third grade of the three of us as a "generation picture" but haven't done once since....sooo I made sure we had one taken at Mr. Nephew's party and here it is:
Now none of us had expected to be taking a picture so The mom and Grammy (if she ever knew) would probably fuss because it was so quickly taken and such but I think it is a great picture and I love the fact that I have it now! (Except that The mom has a better tan than I ha ha)

Rambling time: WARNING: if you do not wish to hear the ramblings of a female, stop here.

So I went hiking with some friends a few days ago and I met this guy. He is an old highschool friend of one of the girl's that goes to my single's class. So this guy...he is nice....ok he is really nice...he is good looking..has a great sense of humor...a quick wit....I would like to get to know him better....but here is the problem:
1.I believe in the guy approaching the girl, so that rules out me calling him or such
2.He doesn't go to my church, he goes to another one (not a bad thing but limits possibilities of seeing him)
3.He is my "girl" friend's friend...is there something between them?
4. I am not sure I will see him again and have no way of ensuring I will

UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! I hate the whole dating/ attraction/ male-female stuff. It is a pain in the *censor*! It is the only time I halfway rue being a female because I have to sit there and wait, hope, and pray that the male calls me or talks to me or blah blah blah BLAH BLAH! It was such much easier when I was younger, they were all friends, I didn't see them as "males" but as buddies, people to play football with, people to get dirty in the mud and not care with, people who shared my unlove for the color pink (this was before the "guy pink" phase), they were friends and it was no problem talking to them first or hanging out or calling them because it was only as friends and only seen as friends....romantic stuff was equivalent with the cooties. But now.......le sigh. Yes I still have guy friends but there is always that slight tension in between that you have to be careful with in the beginning until you know the difference between "attraction" and merely "friendship"
UGH it is so complicated I can't even put it in words correctly! Blah blah blah. I will stop now. This is not resolving anything but at least I feel better, ha ha!

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Das Wolf said...

Okay, Well time for me to get off my duff and put a few words to your female thing. What in all that is good is holding you back? We are in the 21st century, not the 19th. :P Little angel, dust off that antiquated sense of gender roles. If you like a fella, let him know. playing it to close to the chest and you'll find yourself again and again not getting that call. Most men today have been so brow beaten and buffudled by what it is they are suppose to be doing that they no longer make direct approaches. So time and again I watch them dancing around eachother, both unsure.. and end up in that dead zone where 'certainly.. if he/she liked me.. they'ld say something or do something'. Leaving the the door open for *censored* men like myself to sweep up.

The wussification of the male gender is to blaim. My politics aside, You got equal pay.. you got equal rights.. it means you also have to put forth an equal effort in the dating department (and actually with the men i've seen around me... more then equal effort). Decent men are skitish little creatures. And I, being anything but skitish, am not the kind of man you want take home to your mother. :P

In conclusion, if you want a good man... you'll have to get yourself a nice bow and enlist to hunt. It isn't enough any more to smile and flirt a little. The world is different then it once was, either one adapts to it.. or one is destined to be another victim of natural selection.

Now my politics in full! WARNING this is a rant, please ignore it if you are a. easily offended, b. don't want to listen to msculine ramblings, or c. believe the Y chromison is harvenger of all things unholy. *rant removed do to the poster discovering he was 3 pages into the rant itself and saw no way to close it up quickly. :P*