Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Still Bored

Ok so I am not really really bored but I am still just sitting here doodling around waiting to be trained....nope didn't start today though good news...I got my cubeprison! Hooray! Now at least they can't see me just doodling around waiting to be trained. Plus *waves the reader closer to whisper even though it is words* I got the executive cubeprison *grins and nods* Oh yeah I have the real wood desk and cabinetry! They know they hired hot stuff...the Imp is in the building!

Ok ok actually I got the luck of the draw because the receptionist area where I was sitting was made with real wood and such because it woud be seen by anyone who entered. They just moved that counterspace and cabinetry into my cubeprison. It was a money saver for them and makes me feel like a superstar!

So I have a rant today...have you seen it ...Rocky number 15,689! OH...MY...GOODNESS!! The first 15,688 were horrible and now he wants to make another one! Is he going through a late-life crisis? Loss of true stardom, must preserve glory? Come on!
It is bad enough that they are bringing back 80's style clothing with a modern (ugly) twist but now rehash horrible 80's movie?(yes yes I know the first 2 Rockys were filmed in the 70's) What is Rocky going to be a "wrestler" and get a knockout with his walker??? HAVE MERCY ON THE MOVIE GOERS!

Oh look in my picture on the left Mr. Stalone is saying "Forgot my glasses...what is that on the screen?" and down to the right we have the wonders of modern technology...a digitally enhanced body! Ok yes I know I am being harsh but please...hang up the gloves or moreso leave them where you hung them in 1991!

Needless to say unless I wish to subject myself to torture and pay twenty dollars to endure it (ticket + gas + tylenol) I will not being seeing that particular flick. I won't even sully my queue on Netflix with such a title! I enjoy boxing but not in this style and form. I will give some leave and say that hopefully Mr. Stalone has made a great movie and Rocky lovers will enjoy it....but as for me and my movie going self....ahhhhhhhh no! :)

So I have played sudoku only five thousand times today because I have been fiddling around on UTube and such. I found an awesome sight that if you have high-speed you must go check out. (Sorry to the Parental figures, dialup would take forever so better forgoe this one) It is a great sight that has gained some popularity and it nifty to peruse but I mainly enjoyed the video. It is titled Where the Heck is Matt? I actually did a "radio edit" to the title but the video is safe, clean and fun to watch! It makes this Imp want to travel even more than ever!

And more for the highspeed runners The New Mac Ads - I discovered this through the Yahoo 9 and thought it quite hilarious! WARNING it does have four not so nice words in it!

Well that is all I will subject you all to today! Happy readings and viewings! and Happy Tuesday! Until next time.........

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TJ said...

It's your dear friend, T-licious reaching out across the distance from OK. I was planning on asking how the new gig is going, but you've made it pretty clear. Hang in there. I feel certain things will pick up soon and you will wish for these first days of nothingness. Drop me a line, give me a buzz, ring me, or holla when you get a chance.
Much Love, T.