Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bettas, Bidhu, and Bruce Willis

What do those three thing have in common? The Imp of course! So I have become addicted to betta fish lately. My count is up to three: one at home and two at the office. There is King Nebucanezzar, Jacob, and Esau. I have pictures that will come later. I pamper my bettas like I pamper Mr. Kitty. I get the double tank for one because since I am clausterphobic I cannot stand to see them in tiny little spaces. It breaks my heart to see them in that inch of water in the cups at the store. It is like passing a litter of kittens for me. I want to take them all home. The major thing with bettas is they are so easy to keep it makes the self control alot harder than it does with a kitten. Not to mention Mr. Kitty would not have another cat in the house but Bettas he has no say so. Though he does complain about the teasing snacks he can't reach. I did speak to a salesperson at Petco who said he knew a girl with 47 so at least I am not that bad....yet. :)

Bidhu (bid who)...means the moon in India. I met a girl the other day with this name and I thought it was awesome and quite unique. One of the CD's I lost was my Sara Groves cd "Add to the Beauty" which was my absolute favorite. It had the "You are the Sun" song on it about which I have spoken and Bidhu made me think of that song (and miss my cd). Just one of the many strange happenings in the daily life of the Imp.

Now I have an announcement....Bruce Willis is in love with the Imp! Yes yes it is true, he is gruffily in love with me and we danced under the stars the other night. Well ok we did in my dreams. I had this crazy dream that I danced with Bruce Willis....but he wasn't "Bruce Willis the actor" it was almost as if I was dancing with one of his characters. It is hard to explain but lemme say the dream was ooo la la!
This Imp has very vivid dreams which are usually always crazy. I enjoy my dreams and have shared many of them with my friends who enjoy them in the very strange headshaking way that they can be enjoyed by someone who did not experience them.
So! I danced with Bruce Willis....or one of his characters...whichever it was the best my romance life has been in quite awhile LoL! Le Sigh. Froofroo totally enjoyed that dream....and I think the rest of us did abit as well.

So last night I watched parts of the first Pirates of the Caribbean to prepare myself to see the new one. Now I have read mixed reviews from it mostly spouting about a zillion plot lines and rematched humor and have been told to wait 'til it comes out on video...But...this Imp does not have a very large T.V. screen nor does she have surround I am sorry I have to see Jack Sparrow on a very large screen with the cannon boom resonating throughout the room and shaking my chair! To appease those who have poopooed on the film I am going to a matinee (which I usually do anyway) and so shall enjoy the eye candy (Johnny Depp...NOT Orlando Bloom) and hear the cannon booms for just abit more than it would cost to rent it from Blockbuster (if I didn't have Netflix but that isn't the point)

Ohhhh great news! I have been working out for the last two weeks: 6 days a week and have changed my eating habits and already can fit in a skirt I was unable to fit in the beginning of the summer! Hooray!

My formula so far: One hour of walking/jogging on treadmill, 15+ minutes on the eliptical everyday and a yoga class two days a week :)
I have cut out sodas during the week and only allow myself one per weekend day. I have cut out potatoes (No french fries ) during the week for now but allow them in moderation on weekends. I also have started label reading and I try to cut out everything that has corn syrup and hydrogenated oils in it, which is ALOT of things. But the greatest discovery: Kraft Mac and Cheese one of my favorite side dishes has neither so it is still on the menu Hooray! I have been buying fresh fruits and whole grain breads. I am not going Tofu healthy but I am definitely cleaning my menu up abit and working towards a healthier eating style! I will keep you all updated on the progress :)

So what do you all think about my new background? Let me know what you think say yay or nay in the comments...please! :) Remember to smile today!

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Anonymous said...

oh, now i see why you are getting so many fish, you and the mr kitty are going to have fresh healthy snacks--lol