Thursday, July 20, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday
Beautiful Baby!

Today is Beautiful Baby's first birthday!
This post is to him:
You would think you are mine the way I am so excited! I remember the day you were born because I was anticipating your arrival but also abit trepidatious about whether I could love you as much as I already loved Mr. Nephew, but you stole my heart that very first day in the hospital! You were all bundled up like a weeble wobble but you were the most beautiful baby I had ever seen and I couldn't get enough of you! I think only the birth of my own children could outweigh the emotions I felt that day.
Over the next month or so I got to live in the same house and help take care of you, watch you become more alert, celebrate in every little thing you did. And though I moved to my own place I still try to see you as much as I can and of course take as many pictures as I can. I look forward to everytime I come to see you and Mr. Nephew because you brighten my day with you grin and never let me down about giving me one!
So Beautiful baby you are my favorite nephew (under the ager of 3) and I will always love you and hope you will always love me!

A Year of Beautiful Baby:

Due to computer problems I do not have a digital photo before three months, I will try to get some and add later!

Beautiful Baby: 3 months

Beautiful Baby : 5 months

Beautiful Baby: 6 Months

Beautiful Baby: 8 Months

Beautiful Baby: 10 Months

Beautiful Baby: 11 Months

Beautiful Baby 1 year!

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melanie said...

I may be a bit prejudice but i think that baby is just beautiful!!