Friday, July 21, 2006


So I am about to leave for the weekend, from work that is, and I had to post a quick one. Played softball last night and it was fun though we lost by a point :( I haven't played softball since highschool so it was great to play again.

After the game I went by to see Beautiful baby and wish him a Happy Birthday in person and boy was he cute as ever and he has the walking thing while holding on to something down pat! Here are some pics from last night:

I call this one: Hey, where did it go?

And then when I had to leave:

My Favorite Imp Aunt is leaving me!

It was hard to leave that face but it was his and Mr. Nephew's bedtime so I hit the road, which I am going to do now too because it is Friday and time to go home! Have a great weekend everybody! :)

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