Monday, July 24, 2006

Introduction to other family members

Ok so I have been having technical difficulties with my background which hopefully have been resolved. If you all are still having troubles please let me know by either e-mail or comment.

I am going to now introduce other members of my small family. You all have met Simon aka Mr. Kitty and have seen his beautiful Christmas picture but you have only heard stories of my other "children". So first we have Shadrach and Meshach, my two zebra striped danios. Originally I had Abednego as well but he passed away about as month ago. Here is a picture of Shadrach but Meshach would not cooperate and it is very hard to take a picture of the two:

Since it is kinda blurry I "borrowed" a picture from Wikipedia so you all can see abit better what Shadrach and Meshach look like:

Also you have heard me speak of King Nebucanezzar who is the betta I have at home in his own tank. He was not much more cooperative about having his picture taken than Meshach but I managed to get one though it does not do his beautiful blue color justice:

Soooo I "borrowed" another picture so you all could see what King Neb looks likes in good lighting:

Then I have mentioned recently of my newest additions Jacob and Esau, my red bettas who
live at the office:

This is Jacob, he is red with purple intermingling.

This is Esau, he is completely red an almost fire red that is very pretty under the light.

I have recently tried adding in more fish to Shadrach and Meshach's tank because they share a ten gallon tank and there is plenty of room. I have already lost two of the additions and they didn't even have names! I was very upset that I had to "bury" two anonymous fish. But I have two remaining of this orange platys variety:

He was more willing to have his picture taken and his brother looks exactly like him so I opted for the one picture. I have named them which I was unable to do quickly enough for the two who died but the two who remain are named Nahallal which means bright and Samos which means full of gravel..which Samos himself is not full of gravel but his home is ha ha! I might incorporate more but I will see first how Nahallal and Samos do with Shadrach and Meshach.

Now you have been introduced to all my children pets! I have to go for now, see you all later :)

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Anonymous said...

LOVE big and green, sometimes it is easy being green-lol