Monday, July 10, 2006


All the birds have been blue,
They don't know what to do
Ever since you said goodbye to me.
And the flowers in their gloom,
Have just refused to bloom,
Cause we all want you back you see.
And oh Mr. Moon is left without a tune,
And his shadows have lost their harmony.
So don't waste any time ,
Come back and change your mind,
Everything will work out...
You know that love is a struggle,
And only the strong will survive,
So its up to me and you,
To do what we gotta do,
To keep our love alive.
Now the bees have been gone,
They know that somethings wrong,
And they don't feel like buzzing at all.
And the stars up in the sky,
All they do is cry,
And that's why the rain must fall.
And the early morning sun,
He knows that you're the one,
And we both miss your company,
So don't waste any time,
Come back and change your mind,
Everything will work out....
Lyrics by Huey Lewis and the News
The Imp loves this song and loves the lyrics.

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