Friday, May 12, 2006

The stage is dark.

This curtain took me five hours to paint, but that is ok! I enjoyed helping with this show so much that it was worth it. As I said back months ago, I auditioned for the show The Fantasticks and though I did not get a role in the show I was asked to be stage manager and then was soon bumped into assistant director position!

I have never worked on the technical side of the theatre. I have always just been on the acting side so this was a learning experience to the max. I was abit nervous at first but soon fell into the job easy and I know that the great cast and easy to work with director made it so I enjoyed it. I met some great new friends that I hope I can work in further shows with or at least just keep in touch. The cast was so talented it was a pleasure to watch them work. They were all nice and down to earth, did not have any diva wannabes. The show ended this last Sunday and I will miss it for sure because it was such great fun!

I can't wait to see what show I will do next, it will take a good one to top The Fantasticks!


David said...

It was awesome and very well run. Go Imp!

Breazy said...

Wow! When you know your next show let us know !