Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Cue happy Peanut's music! Today is a day to celebrate! No you did not forget a holiday. No I did not win the lottery (though that would be great) No I did not meet a handsome prince charming.

Then why are we celebrating, you ask? Because one of my computers at home is finally fixed! Hooray! Hooray! It has been since mid February that both my home computers decided to go psycho and die on me. I have been without a computer or internet connection at home since then and I was starting to drastically twitch in withdrawal!

I will be able to upkeep my blogs again now! Celebrate, celebrate! Also another small celebration, my site meter passed 1500 visits! I know that is a miniscule number compared to other sites but for this Imp that is a big YAY!

So despite the monsoon outside and the fact I have to work I am happy, happy, happy and feel like dancing with Snoopy! Hope you all have a great day!

1 comment:

David said...

Cool! Yea! 1500? I have a way to go. lol. Talk to ya' later!