Thursday, May 18, 2006

Defying Gravity!

I could have defied gravity when the last curtain fell on this show! I am still on a high from seeing it. Now for those of you not "into" the theatrical world, this is one of the newer musicals called Wicked. It is the story of how the wicked witch of the west became just that.

Now I must say I cannot stand Wizard of Oz the movie. Dorothy bugs the tar out of me...and her little dog too! Nonetheless, I had heard marvelous things about this show and had heard the music which I thought was great so I went to see what it was like for myself. was splendiferous! Grandiotuous! Fabtabulous! And in the modern use of the term...Wicked! The story is very creative and the characters are marvelous. This show has such flair because not only is it creative in having its own unique storyline but incorporates the existing story of the Wizard of Oz brilliantly!

I am not going to give away the story because some of my readers are going to see the show, but I will say in the actors/actresses were great as well. In this Imp's humble but correct opinion Elphaba had the best voice while Glenda was the best actress. Don't get me wrong, they were all grand actors, but Glenda's character was awesome. Glenda's character was pulled off with such charasmatic aplomb that it made you almost...giddy to watch her. Elphaba's character was played with alot of quick witted one liners that made you appreciate her intellect. I was drawn into the story from the beginning. I had a side seat and a rather large headed man sitting on front of me, but that did not break the illusion or my concentration. I was captured from curtain up to curtain down, the hardest part was to not sing along with the songs. My seatmates might not have appreciated my enthusiasm.

It was hardest to curb my need to sing along in the defying gravity scene. It is my favorite song and having the visual to put with it finally I was flying myself! I am used to just the recording but to see it played with the emotion was ten times better.

I could go on and on about this show, tis the morning after and I am still flying. This is what I want to do! My actress side sings when I see shows like these. It smothers out my practical "bills have to be paid" side and tells me to take the leap and defy gravity! One day I will be in a show like this one and then I will be defying gravity!

If you ever get the chance, go see Wicked. You won't be sorry....and if you are...well you just don't have good theatre taste, in this Imp's humble but correct opinion ;)

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Jodes said...

i want to see it!!!!! I have ever since it was on the Today show a couple years ago!!!!