Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Graduation, Sad news, and movie review

Mr. Nephew has graduated from pre-school! My sweet golden curled, blue eyed angel is growing up and is not a baby anymore! (He is not always an angel anymore either ha ha) Next thing I know I will be taking a picture at his college graduation. He will just give his Imp aunt a hug and go running after some cute little girl that has his fancy...boohoo. Ok so I have a while before that happens but it was so great to go to his little pre-school graduation. He was in the group that said the Pledge of Allegiance and they did awesome.

He will turn the big 5 in September and will start Kindergarten at his new "big" school. The school where he will be going has a terrific curriculum and I am excited to see what he learns. He can already add and subtract some small figures because his parents have been working with him. He will be a genius! Well he will be in my humble and slightly biased but correct opinion. I am sure he will learn quick and I will have to stay on my toes to keep my degree of "coolness" as an aunt on the high level it is now. Of course if I lose my coolness to Mr. Nephew, I always have the backup plan: Beautiful Baby!

On to the sad news: The reason I haven't posted in a while is because last Monday I found out the company for which I work is closing. I have basically a month and a half or so left before I lose my job. Despite the long commute, I have really enjoyed working where I do and enjoy the people and environment. I am very sad to be leaving but even moreso I am sad for the people with whom I work. Most of the people have been here for 15+ years. Many have been here their entire lives. They do not know anything else. Some both husband and wife work here. So it is a devastating blow to them all. There are some hectic and emotional weeks ahead of us all.

Because of all the sad hooplah, I went on a date last night....with myself. Well I guess I could say all of "us" went out. We (all the personalities) went to see the new X-Men movie. It was really good! I enjoyed it immensely and will have to own it eventually. Of course one of the best parts, despite his scruffy state, is the gorgeous eye candy: Hugh Jackman. Froofroo was very happy about that part of the movie, while the rest of us enjoyed the action she was swooning over Wolverine. I won't say much about it in case any of my readers have not and wish to see it. I must say if you go though, wait til the end of the credits for the 15 to 20 second clip that reveals abit more. It was fun to be one of three people to stay and see it.

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cwt said...

Warning to Froofroo: eyes can rot as easily as teeth & just as what teeth choose to absorb affects the tummy, what the eyes take in affects the brain (good & bad).