Monday, June 5, 2006

The Walmart Guy

Walmart. Yes I went there again. I go there often (much to the chagrin of CWT) and have commented before how I should own stock because I go there so much. So I was walking into the walmart to buy books for the Boss Lady's twin boys. It is their birthday today but yesterday was their party. I was pushing my cart, minding my own business when I came to a junction where I had to turn right down an aisle and came nose to side with another cart. A gentleman who will remain nameless well because I don't know his name was going straight and we ended up at the junction at the same time. I yielded to his right of way and he nodded giving an only definable as cute grin and then proceeded to do something that was absolutely fabtabulous to this Imp.
He, despite the fact he was in front of a female, pushed the cart hard and hopped up to ride it across in front of me out of the way. I burst into laughter unable to control myself. How grand! How brilliant! How perfectly impish. Who was this cute oh so joyful creature, he intrigued me immediately with that one movement. I giddily pronounced I was glad to know that I was not the only one of our age range that did that. He grinned back at me over his shoulder and admitted to doing it even more so in the parking lot to which I laughingly agreed! Ohh what a splendiferous moment!
It was brief and we both had to go our separate ways. I found myself smiling throughout Walmart and even now as I think of it. I do wonder...who was that delightful man? Will fate ever cross our paths again? Would I remember him as the carthopper? No telling but alas I do believe the man has made a lasting impression on this Imp even if it just a wonderful moment on which to reflect and smile!

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Christian Mayr said...

Hi, first of all thanks a lot for your comment! And yes, you're probably right about the "kilos & pounds"-thing! Honestly, I didn't really think about that when I wrote that post!

Your post here somehow makes me smile as well - about what people have to think about, great :) But something like that has never happened to me before - maybe the Americans are different when it comes to cart-pusing ;)