Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Winter Birthday Solstice

Today is Winter Solstice when the least amount of daylight hours are experienced. Today is also the Imp's Birthday!

Since I am packing the bags and Mr.Kitty and heading to the parent's house today, my friends joined me for dinner at Outback steakhouse last night. It was Fabtabulous!! Despite only knowing them for two months tops, three of them brought me T-riffic gifts and others gave their time but even coming! This Imp is floored constantly by her new friends. The Imp has always been well known but not necessarily "popular' so have only had few friends and even fewer closer ones at that, so it just amazes, confounds, and excites me when this group who I have known for such a short period is not only friendly but embraces me like they have known me for all 24 years I have been alive! How truly blessed and honored I am to be part of such a group, I think that realization is the best birthday gift ever!
I can't talk long because if I don't get on the road soon...The Mom will be calling and wondering where I am. The Dad has a nice computer he will let me share so I should be able to keep posting! Much love to all of my readers! Happy Winter Solstice day, enjoy the daylight while you can ha ha!

The Imp


bsoholic said...

Happy Birthday!

Be safe on the road.

TJ said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, IMPISH ONE! Be good, have fun, stay merry. Much Love, T-licious