Monday, December 19, 2005

Drug induced haze

Sore throat + achy ear + low grade fever + nyquil + Monday morning= Mind numb, almost catatonic Imp

Yes I am at work....barely. I hope they didn't wish me to be amazingly productive today. This Imp has no toleration for medicine, even nondrowsy items make me zombiefied. I took Nyquil at 11 pm last night and it is now 1 pm and I am still wishing to just sit here and stare unseeingly at the computer screen.

Zombie Imp (cue scary music)

I want to say alot on here but at the same time I don't have alot to say, or at least alot I will allow myself to say. So I am just going to say random things that pop into my head:

I had a great Saturday.
I am feeling antisocial today.
I am confused.
I love the symphony.
I watched Scoobydoo Friday night.
I love children.
I didn't pay attention in Sunday School very well yesterday.
Do I like aquafina or dasani better?
Am I excited about my birthday?
I don't feel my age.
I want to cut my hair.
I need to write on my Christmas story.
I forgot to send Christmas cards.
Wonder if I could be the first Baptist nun?
I wonder if I am handling certain siutations correctly?
I am not hungry anymore.
I want to cry.
I hate crying.
I want to go home.
Covers over my head, kitty purring in my ear.
I need to get to work.
Lunch is over.
At least the afternoon is here.
Waiting for email.
It will come.
Post the blog and back to work.


bsoholic said...

Oh man being sick sure does suck. Get well soon!

Julie Ann said...

Focus on the great time you had Saturday and let the rest go.

Pray about the confusion and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you into truth, and in addition, use common sense. I sometimes forget that due to my creative imagination!

I'm excited about celebrating you tomorrow!

Go on an cut it if you want to.

My cards will be out tomorrow hoping they will arrive on time!

No children if you become a nun?

Rejoice always, be thankful in all circumstances, and pray in the Spirit....this is how you can measure if you're handling a certain situation correctly.

It's going to be alright, go ahead and cry if you want to, it's your birthday you can cry if you want to!

Kitty cats are so sweet to us!

E-mails are not always the best judge of reality...don't wait too long on it, just live in the moment God has given to you.

Know that I am saying all these things to myself!

Random responses to things that popped into your head!
Love you girl!