Thursday, December 15, 2005


It is raining.

But that is ok! This Imp woke up in fine form this morning despite only getting three hours of sleep. It is the day for the Christmas party for the accounting department at work. I made my popular potato casserole, got my goodies to give out and headed for work. Jacqui-funk is gone and despite the rain, this Imp is smiling.

10 Days til Christmas!

The wreath has a long history and many religious associations dating back to the ancient cultures of the Persian Empire. Originally, the circlet was called a "diadem" and took the form of fabric headbands which were sometimes adorned with jewels. Beginning in 776 B.C., wreaths made of laurel leaves were used to crown victors of Olympic Games. Later, when the Games began to move to different cities, each host city would award head garlands made of branches of local trees. Exactly when the transition from head ornament to wall decoration occurred is unclear. It is likely that celebration attendees simply hung the leafy headbands on their walls as souvenirs. Today, beautifully decorated wreaths are not only an integral part of the December holidays, but they're popular thoughout the year, decorated to fit each season. Perhaps the loveliest use of this symbol is the Advent wreath. Although its true origin is not know, some believe it was inspired by the Swedish Crown of Lights, a candle-bearing crown worn by young Swedish girls on St. Lucia's Day. St. Lucia was a young Christian martyr who gave her entire dowry to the poor.

I bought yet another gift for my four year old nephew last night. I have already gotten him: connect four, guess who, and shrek 2 computer game. Does the child need anything? No! Does his Imp aunt spoil him? Yes! Poor beautiful baby is only getting clothes, he is too young for toys and such right now. This Imp is excited because the boys are spending Christmas with our side of the family. It is beautiful baby's first Christmas, and Mr. GQ 4 yr old...well he is four...that is just plain fun right there!
I wonder what traditions the sister in law will start. This Imp admits that though she does not want children at this very moment or even in the next year or two, she thinks about when she will have them. I think one of the traditions I wish to have when the children come along, is getting them a new pair of jammies for every Christmas, and have them open them Christmas eve so they can wear them on Christmas morning. Another tradition is one my family has now and that my dad reads the Christmas story from Luke as we all sit around and listen on Christmas eve. I can still remember times when I was little and the fire would be burning bright and I would be snuggled up next to mom (yes eyeing those gifts that would be opened the next morning) but then listening as my dad read the story and reason for not only Christmas but for my very existence.
I think about children and how I have had years experience taking care of them but am so ot ready for one of my own and I cannot help but fully respect Mary, who was but a child herself, pregnant with not just a child but God's son. What a beautiful faith she must have had.
What a beautiful thing children are! I can't wait til Christmas with my two favorite boys!

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