Wednesday, October 5, 2005


First I must say I absolutely adore children! I used to be a nanny at one point, daycare teacher at another time, and have kept many children. Yes I am boastful enough to say I am another Super Nanny but without the accent or glasses. I actually have not watched that show but I can steal the title. I plan on having children in the future, but for now I enjoy keeping and loving other peoples children. I have two nephews that I spoil rotten, that is what Aunts are for!

But to the story at hand. I carpool with a colleague from work who has twin boys that are two. We take them to daycare every morning and pick them up. They have gotten used to me riding with and we are fast becoming friends! One of them can say my name somewhat but the other has taken to calling me Watermelon! Why and where this name came from is a very good question, but I can't help and love it. I am not sure I would take it nicely if anyone besides an adorable two year old called me Watermelon, but he is very much able to get away with it! On a side note, I do not look like a watermelon! We think he got it from trying to say the Mel in my name which turned in to melon and evolved into watermelon.

He may grow out of it soon, so I had to comment on it somewhere so I would remember, plus hopefully it is a cute jit for my reader to smile at!


Jerry Simpson said...

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The Baz said...

"Watermelon" coming from a child is cute! It could be worse. I had an Aunt Jean who for some inexplicable reason I called "Auntie Meat"! She was big woman, but...

My Mum to this day still laughs when she recalls it since my Aunt would say to me "Come to your Auntie Meat!"