Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Audition results

Auditions can be fun. I still get butterflies when I go, but it is an excited butterfly feel. Tonight I found the theatre with no problem . I met two nice ladies when waiting and then it was my turn. The director is an older fellow who seems nice though abit eccentric. They usually are though!
I must admit I was not very prepared, I knew the song and the words, but had never sung it with an accompanist before so I started abit weak and then gained the strength I know I have, only to have him stop me! Sing to him and ennunciate, were his instructions. Well this threw me and so after three more horrible attempts to ennunciate to his degree of liking we finally moved to the reading. Now I must say I pride myself on my British accent and my ever-bettering Irish accent. I can even throw abit of rogue Scot at you, but I am horrible at french! My theatre coach, when I had one, never got to the French accent.
Guess what accent in which the reading was supposed to be? French! Good grief! So I stumbled through a terrible french accent and pronunciation of french words to end. A grin on my face the whole time I thanked them then left. I got in my car and laughed! Well I didn't care if I got a part or not, it was great to audition again!
I headed home and called my mom to tell her about it and other happenings in my ever amazing life..ha ha joke. When I got home, ready to have a bowl of Lucky Charms and head to bed, my phone rings. I got a part! I am in the play! That is the fastest call back I have ever had. I at first thought maybe I had left something there when the lady said where she was calling from, for I had just gotten home! I called my mom right back and told her.
The strange thing is I am excited but also not excited, I have a slight feeling of trepidation I cannot shake. I hope it is just because I am tired and moody and not a sixth sense telling me something is not right. We shall see...but for now I am "knackered" as my new friend would say (Hey Baz!, hope i used the word right!) so I am going to bed and will see how I feel tomorrow!


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The Baz said...

Hey... congrats on passing the audition!

Sparky Dog said...

hmmm... maybe you are in it for comic relief!!! Either way congrats...give you time to forget the nefarious MS.