Tuesday, October 4, 2005


So I sit here listening to one of the tunes from Monty Python's broadway Spamalot and I cannot help but wonder about people who don't appreciate music. Music is such a key factor in my life that I cannot imagine a world without it. I like art, I like dance (do quite abit of it myself, more on that later) I like theatre (as already established), I like writing, but my favorite form of expression is music. I cannot write lyrics for the life of me, ha! But give me an emotion and I can give you a song to promote that emotion. Sounds strange..yes but then again we are reading musings of the Imp here!
I like almost all forms of music from eastern chant to heavy metal. Of course I have my favorite genres which I listen more to than others, but I can appreciate all genres for what they are. Of course I am learning (through one of my favorite blogs I read) there is alot of music and groups I have never heard of! I need to expand my horizons abit I think.
Hmm maybe I can ask to my readers (the big group of people that are in my imagination) to leave comments on their favorite groups, perhaps then I can research and listen to them, and thus expand my music knowledge!
Well lunch is over, time for the nightmare of Excel to return ::shudders:: Help...Help!


The Baz said...
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The Baz said...

Frank Zappa says in "Joes Garage" (1979), "Music Is Best". He was right! It is my life... music soundtracks it.It makes me laugh and cry. It soothes me. It challenges me. It fascinates me. It pulses in my veins. It is always there. It is my friend. It is the Universal Language.

Fave Groups?
The Beatles - The Kinks - Deep Purple - Hawkwind - King Crimson - Adam and The Ants - Madness - Portishead - Zappa - Moloko - The Pretty Things - Yardbirds - Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band - Sparks... theres too many to list, mostly 60s and 70s stuff... but then you already knew of some of these! ;)