Tuesday, October 4, 2005


So as stated in the "Just alil knowledge" post, I like theatre. I love acting, was bitten by the acting bug in high school and have been addicted since. I, unfortunately, have not been in a play since Feb. of '03 due to college and the unfortunate events of a job and night classes. Alas I am free now though and part of the nine to five adult world..Hoorah! (though I have the nine to five part, not sure I have the adult part correct ::winks::) and I am able to have my nights free to participate in the local theatres. I have recently moved here and found an abundance of theatres in which I can become involved!
So I have been scouting the audition pages and I passed up Babes in Toyland mainly because I didn't really know what role would be a good one for me. Next: auditions for Cinderella. I had seriously considered this audition, even had a piece prepared to sing but then I decided last minute not to go with it...why? Because the more I thought about it the more I realized I do not like the musical version of Cinderella! Actually I am not even sure I like the story of Cinderella...the story of an abused by evil stepmother and sisters, (and almost always blonde..more on this topic another time) sweet girl who was a dream housekeeper and had a great voice, though nobody thinks her weird that she talks and sings to animals! I mean on side note look at Beauty and the Beast, the whole town thinks Belle is weird for reading, but Cinderella doesn't get a second look for singing and talking to animals! And I understand you should be nice to people, I am nice 99% of the time but there are times when you also need a backbone. I mean sheesh Cinderella stand up for yourself! Stiffen that spine and tell your stepsisters to go jump off a cliff when they throw their dirty laundry at you! If your stepmother throws a fit tell her that is fine she can start paying a housekeeper because you are leaving!
Am I the only one that sees the problem here! Most likely.
So back to auditions ::smiles:: There is one tonight for the play "My Name Will Always Be Alice." of which I have heard though never seen. It is obviously a combo of the two plays "My Name Is Alice" and "My Name Is Still Alice" I have decided to sing the song "Forget About The Boy." from "Thoroughly Modern Millie" because it is a fun song, in my range, and also one of my favorites songs that is sung by the fantastic Sutton Foster, a great broadway actress!
I will not be terribly upset if I do not get anything, though I am going with the attitude that I will get a role! We shall see. Well I have procrastinated as much as possible from having to delve into the world of Excel, but it is time so this Imp must say "Bye Ya'll" for now ::grins::

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