Friday, October 7, 2005

Excel, Lightbulbs, and Laughs

Clawing my way to the top of Excel spreadsheets and towards my weekend, I pause to ponder a joke I once heard.

Two men were working in a factory and had been working very hard as of late. Bill turned to Bob and exclaimed "I can't take this anymore, I have to have some time off!" Bob shook his head slowly, "You know that is not going to happen, Bill. We are behind in production, nobody is getting time off." Bill glared in anger and looked around, then suddenly threw down what he had been working on, moving for the ladder to the rafters. "I have had it!" Bill said and climbed up to the ceiling, scooting out onto a rafter and hung upside down from it. Bob could only stare in horror and awe. The manager was walking along at that moment and noticed the staring Bob and the absence of Bill. He started to ask where Bill was but followed Bob's gaze up to the ceiling, gasping as he saw the hanging Bill. "Bill! Bill come down from there, you are going to get yourself killed! What are you doing?" Bill did not answer so the manager carefully climbed up the ladder and scooted out to Bill. "Bill what are you doing? Come down before you get killed!" he repeated. Bill shrugged his shoulders as he hung there. "I am a lightbulb!" Bill quipped. The manager's expression changed and his tones became softer. "You know what Bill, you have been working too hard. Why don't you come climb down with me and take a few days off." Bill thought a moment then nodded and he and the manager climbed down. As Bill gathered his things and headed for the door, so did Bob. The manager called out to Bob to stop. "Where do you think you are going?" Bob looked at the Manager, "I am going home... I can't work in the dark."

Ha ha makes me grin everytime. You have to admit, that is a pretty ingenous answer for Bob to give! He was quick on his feet to come back with such an answer. As an Imp that quip is fully appreciate for its value!


The Baz said...

I liked that one! Quite amusing and gave me a laugh!

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