Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Baby Showers: Shower #1

I was blessed with three baby showers!

The first one was for my side of the family. My SIL was the hostess and she did a fantastic job! The colors were pink and purple. She had yummy food with a super pretty (and yummy) cake.
She also made one of the super cute baby in a wagon melon trays.

I had family come all the way from Mississippi to join in the celebration. I was so glad to be surrounded by those I love and to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Miss Priss.
Miss Priss got all kinds of goodies from my family, including a huge collection of hairbows that will last for years from my cousin!

It was a great start to August and a wonderful baby shower!

Until Next Time...

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Anonymous said...

what is so great is that she has hair, so she can use the bows right away :)