Friday, July 13, 2012

A Wedding in VA

As I mentioned in a previous post, on June 8th we left for 10 days of vacation. The first stop of the trip was The Dad's hometown, Galax, VA, for my younger cousin's wedding.

I have to say the weather was absolutely perfect the whole time we were there and the wedding was great. She got married on the river which was a gorgeous location, though the Mini Cooper did seem to question the dirt road :)

We got there Friday so we were able to go to the rehearsal dinner and the kids played in the river. The Dad has a brother that is 17 years younger than he is, so I actually have cousins who are around the same age as the Nephews and Niece. It was such an awesome sight to see the Nephews and Niece playing outdoors and just being kids. No electronics, just good old dirt, water, and imaginations!

They had some cute things at the wedding, one of them being a "Smore Love" station that had the ingredients for smores to be made when the bonfire was lit after the wedding. Sexy Husband and I got a picture near it before it was lit!

I have not taken too many pictures during this pregnancy so I definitely wanted one from the wedding to remember both events.

I had to capture this picture of The Parents because it shows them pretty true to form. The Mom will probably fuss that I posted it because of The Dad but it is a classic picture: The Dad misbehaving and The Mom scolding! Ha!

The actual wedding day was a beautiful, clear day and the heat was not at all bad, of course, we were in the mountains! The Niece looked super cute in her dress and korker ribbon bows. I caught this picture of her cutting her eyes at her Uncle Sexy Husband before the ceremony started.

It was The Dad's youngest sister who was the Mother of the Bride. I do not really look like either of The Parents but actually look more like this aunt. She looked absolutely gorgeous on the wedding day and I just hope that I look half as good when Baby Girl gets married!

The bride herself was beautiful and it was a simple but lovely ceremony. The oldest nephew (who is Catholic) joked how he was glad it was a Baptist ceremony and not a Catholic ceremony because it would be short. Ha! That kid cracks me up sometimes.

One of the young boys in the wedding came up the aisle with a "Last Chance to Run" sign and the groom's running shoes which was too cute.

Though the best part of the ceremony was the baby skunks. Yes I said skunks! Due to some ground leveling that had happened to the area near the ceremony a mama skunk had been accidentally killed and the babies were left on their own to wander the area. Luckily none of them sprayed during the ceremony but we could see them waddling around in the distance. It was kinda funny!

The reception was fun and my family definitely knows how to have a good time! They all danced and laughed. As with most weddings, I think we had more fun than the bride and groom because we got to party while they had to make the rounds and greet/thank everyone! We did not get to really see them much but it was still a great visit with everybody else :) 

 And this last photo is of me and my grandmother being photo bombed by none other than Sexy Husband!

Next I will tell about the awesome surprise, impromptu baby shower they threw me!

Until next time...

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