Saturday, July 14, 2012

Surprise, Impromptu Baby Shower

So while we were in VA, my family there threw me a quick but wonderful baby shower!

The day after the wedding we all got together to clean up the reception area and just be together as a family. The plan was to eat lunch there with the leftover food and wedding cake. They surprised me by having a few decorations and presents in the midst of the food!

I think it was so thoughtful of them all to even try to have something when most had been running around in circles to plan the wedding! It was a very nice surprise and I am glad I got to celebrate with them. They live such a distance we do not get to celebrate together often.

We got some really nice things for Baby Girl and a lot of help from The Niece opening the presents! Ha! I did not mind her helping, but she was a super sonic opener who would take everything out of the bag, place it in Sexy Husband's lap then put it all back into the bag before we even got a chance to look at it. It was too funny! When we got back to the hotel later that evening, we went back through just to see what was given!

I told her mom that at the AL family baby shower, we will have to see about slowing the help down LOL

Of course, I had to include this lovely picture of my family family. The Brother is hidden behind Sexy Husband :) Goofballs! I would not have them any other way!

Part two of our 10 day vacation up next.
Until Next Time....

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Anonymous said...

that really was so sweet of them to remember ya'll when they had so much going on :)