Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fun Facts of Baby

  • I have felt stirrings that I think are the baby, and when we had our last appt. even with just the doppler the doctor said that this little one is a squirmer! My poor ribs in the coming months!
  • The other night, SH shook my stomach and said "earthquake" Poor Baby! LOL
  • Simon kitty was not happy when he tried to sit in my lap the other night and there was not as much room as he is used to having.
  • When talking to Simon kitty I usually say something like "Mommy's baby kitty!" Tonight I was talking to the baby and said "Mommy's baby....uh baby" then burst out laughing. 
  • Fruit snacks and gushers have been the "strange" craving of the week
  • The end of this month we find out girl or boy!
  • We are having a hard time deciding on any names, I will have to post about this dilemma later.
  • I am 17 weeks and luckily have not gained too much weight, especially since I started at too heavy of a weight.

 Here is what I am calling my "End of First Trimester Belly Picture" Due to the weight I gained because of hormone problems I already had a "belly" so it did not change much the first trimester. It really is still about the same except the bottom of it is harder and baby, not just fat lol. My legs are still skinny ha ha!


Amanda said...

YAY! I can't wait to find out what J and I are having and then what you guys are having!!!
It's CRAZY that we're 2 weeks apart!

Val, aka The Catholic Momma said...

You look great M! I love those first little baby flutters! Can't wait to meet your new bundle of joy when he or she arrives! God bless you!

Anonymous said...

see you need to know what it is too so that you can say mama's baby girl, or mama's baby boy-hahaha
love ya lots
ps-still willing to make reveal cake for you :)