Friday, April 20, 2012

The Baby Journey with PCOS - The Mothers

I am not saying this just because they might read it, but I am very blessed to have two mothers.

One by birth and one by marriage.

One of the greatest things is, though Sexy Husband and I were raised in very, very similar ways, our mothers are completely different in personality. This may not sound great to some people but to me it is great because I get two "different" mothers that each adds her own talent, love and fun to my life. And I am blessed that I have a great relationship with both of them!

I am also blessed that I have both living within an 8 mile radius of my house! This means I will have a choice of babysitters my child will be able to see both sets of grandparents quite a bit! This also means they have both been able to be involved in my pregnancy. I have tried to make sure to always involve my MIL because she had two boys so she will only ever experience "having a daughter" through her two DILs. I wish I could tell other girls who married into "boy only" families how precious this can be to your relationship with your MIL.

The funniest thing lately though is despite their definite, different personalities, my two moms are behaving almost exactly the same over Baby H!

Especially when it comes to the gender reveal!

Exactly one week from now I will have "The Envelope" that says whether we are having a boy or a girl. We are having a Gender Reveal Party two days later on Sunday, April 29th. I am having a local bakery make the "reveal cake" for us, which is a cake that is tinted pink or blue on the inside by whatever "The Envelope" says. The outside of the cake is neutral and so you don't know until the first slice is cut.

This is driving The Moms crazy! They have both, multiple times, "offered" to make the cake! They are cracking me up with their oh-so-not subtle ways of trying to find out the gender before the party. I have told both that I might have to screen their calls from Friday to Sunday just to keep my sanity ha!

Even though I will be happy to learn if we are having a son or daughter, I must say I am enjoying watching The Moms get more pushy excited as time draws closer.

However did they last 40 weeks back in the day?


Amanda said...

Are YOU waiting two days to find out? I wasn't able to wait, I knew J or I would spill the beans if we waited any longer than the 5 hours we already were waiting!
A family friend called me, saying "J told me to pick up 2 cans of pink icing, will that be enough?" HA, he was 30 minutes too early.
This same family friend is a homicide detective and tried to INTERROGATE me about the gender before we revealed! lol. It was hilarious!
I can't wait to hear about your's!

mom2 said...

nicest blog I ever read, only one that made me cry

Anonymous said...

and if i can bribe someone at edgar's bakery i will still know sooner-lol