Friday, January 15, 2010

Spring Cleaning...early

Since I am between jobs at the moment I have been enjoying the time off by sleeping in, meeting Sexy Husband for lunch and enjoying being a "housewife". But just so people don't think I am a complete Bon Bon Queen, I have been cleaning and reorganizing spaces that get neglected when I am employed. Due to the limited amount of storage in our house, maximizing the space usage is always a plus!

Now first thing on the list was the linen closet. I have not really organized it since we moved in the house so it was very overdue. I did not think about taking a picture and using this blogortunity until after I cleaned it so I can only show you the "after" pictures.

Due to the narrow area and the height of the closet I had to take it in two pictures. I sorted all the linens and folded them, labeling the shelves so that if Sexy Husband is helping put things away he will know which set of sheets goes on which shelf.

We have the extra sheets and full sized for the guest bed on the very top. The next two shelves are for our bed's king sized sheets which take up so much space on the narrow shelves they had to have two. Towels get their own shelf, with the beach towels in the blue bag down below on the floor since we rarely use them.

I also designated a shelf for the light bulbs and kleenex. Down below there is actually now some toilet paper because I went to the store today but alas it was not there when I took the pictures. The bucket of joint compound was moved to its proper location with the other things of that nature. So now I have a organized linen closet and hopefully it will stay that way for at least a little while.

The next space I headed for was the guest bedroom. It tends to be the catch all for anything and everything so it needed quite a bit of work. I dove right in and started designating things that were supposed to be up in the attic. Relabeling tubs and making sure everything in them could go in the attic, due to the heat we have in the summers. All in all it was not as bad of a job as I thought it would be and it now looks very nice. I made a before and after picture to show the results of this room and before you even say it Mom no I did not shove everything in the closet!

I have started on the library but will finish it tomorrow...

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Anonymous said...

wow- my room looks great, can i store some tubs there-lol