Thursday, January 14, 2010

Knitting and Rescue!

Tonight I went and joined a group of ladies that knit! I was handed two needles, some yarn and was taught how to knit. It was quite fun and interesting. The group ranged in one girl younger than me to ladies who are The Mom's age or older.
One comment made by the younger girl which simply had to be repeated is that she considers 50 to be old! I thought most of the ladies there were going to have a heart-attack, or smack the young girl upside the head with their knitting needles. 50 old? Really? Even I had a jaw dropping reaction to that because I do not consider 50 to be anywhere near old! Obviously that child, 22 yr old child, has not gotten out much! Her poor mother lol

Back to knitting! I thought I would put a picture of my very first finished product. This is my new knitted eye patch! Nothing like sailing the high seas, shouting argh, and drinking rum all the while sporting a new baby blue yarn eye patch. I bet I would be the only pirate with a baby blue yarn eye patch :)

In actuality it is naught but a boring little piece of practice stitches but an eye patch sounds so much cooler. I am now on to trying my hand at a bib, the starting of it in the upper picture with the needles. Whether it actually becomes a bib or not has yet to be seen.

But alas knitting was knot the only adventure to be had this evening. Ha ha pun intended! Whilst I was sitting on the couch, pondering the need to blog about my knitting experience this horrible cry arose outside the window that faces our driveway. It sounded like a baby crying a high pitched wail of torture. I jumped up and ran to the back door.
Turning on lights, I opened the door in time to see a big orange cat run down the rest of the driveway and across my backyard. The crying had ceased at this point and I actually had the first thought that perhaps the orange cat had pounced some girl cat who just was not in the mood.
Compelled by curiosity or divine intervention, I grabbed the flashlight and headed out the door to have a look. Shining my light around in the area where the cries first arose, I noticed the red gleam of an eyeball. There in the monkeygrass near the neighbor's fence was our wild rabbit.

Now I say our rabbit because we have had multiple sightings of this guy since he was little, he likes to hang out in our backyard and such. So naturally I consider him one of the "outdoor" family members.

As I moved closer I was terrified that I was going to see our rabbit mangled and dead, or worse, dying in front of my eyes. He was not moving which furthered my apprehension that he was dead. Upon reaching him I noticed that he was alive and breathing very heavy like he was scared. I do not blame him at all, first an attack from the cat now this big giant ( I know, funny right? me a giant, ha!) shining a light in his eyes, I would be scared too!

He is alive...but not running, well ok technically hopping, away...something is wrong! So I realized he was stuck in the fence! I quickly hollered for Sexy Husband to come help and stayed near so no other cats would decide to give it a try.

Sexy Husband came out and tried wiggling the fence some but to no avail. Upon closer examination I realized he is not seriously injured he is just plain stuck. He only had a small boo-boo from the cat episode. Not to be pompous but I do believe I am the reason he only had a small boo-boo. I scared the cat off before he could do worse damage.

We decided to get on either side of the fence, and with some towels, gently pull and push to get him un-stuck. I ran inside to put shoes on because I was in my sock feet the whole time and on the way out grabbed my camera. I told Sexy Husband it was probably horrible to take his picture but I could not miss this blogortunity! (I have the copyright pending on that word)
Plus I seriously doubted he would stay around after we helped free him to let me take his picture. So I snapped the above picture and we set to work. When I got in place and started touching his hind area he did not like that! He wiggled and squirmed until suddenly POP he was free and gone in a blink! He almost knocked Sexy Husband over he zoomed past him so quickly.

Whew our rabbit was freed and off to safety. It took my heart quite some time to settle down after that.

What a night!


Anonymous said...

wow-knitting and supergirl all in one night, and you say you don't lead an exciting life--lol

nthelight079 said...

sweet rabbit! Bless his little heart. I'm so glad you were there to save him. One question about the did you find the group? Might be fun to meet some ladies who crochet.