Thursday, January 7, 2010

Random Thoughts from the Day

  • Why do people raised in the south really expect a lot of snow when the weatherman predicts it? Hello this is ALABAMA, if they predict it then we don't get it. It is only when it surprises them also that we get the storms that shut us down for a week.
  • I do not have a problem with football but I do have a problem with people spending thousands of dollars to see one game when there are people starving and children homeless around the world including our own city.
  • Why do parents allow their children to sleep in the bed with them? How do they have mommy daddy time? And do not give me the "a hundred years ago everybody did it" argument crap! That is because a hundred years ago no one could afford more than one bedroom! The rich people who had more than one room did not share a bed with the children.
  • The show Clean House always makes me feel so good about my own housekeeping!
  • Yet another person pregnant around me, le sigh.
  • I want to completely redecorate my house in a Moroccan style, I am digging it.
  • Funny how I didn't like Quiznos the first time I ate there now I prefer it over any sandwich place.
  • What should I blog about tomorrow?
Until next time...


Angie said...

Did you get in my brain for points one and two, especially two?

Who else is pregnant?

Anonymous said...

save up all those decorating ideas, i may need them :)