Thursday, January 21, 2010

Painting Chairs

Awhile back Sexy Husband and I purchased a table and four chairs from a yard sale. They were a lovely green color. Lovely being sarcastic. So I went ahead and painted the legs of the table black to match the rest of our house. I use spray paint most commonly but it did not work well on the chair I started, especially in the seat area. So I stopped for a while because I am sure my ADD kicked in when I hit that roadblock.

In my time of no working right now, I decided it is time to finish. So the other day I sanded down two of the still green chairs and got to work. I also painted on the spray painted one, fixing the problem areas. They are starting to look good but are taking some time because I have to let a coat dry for quite awhile before I can do another. I will soon start the last one and get it painted then I will need to find a clear sealant type paint to keep it from getting messed up after all my hard work. Here is a picture of the progress.

Until next time...

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