Saturday, January 23, 2010

Making Burp Cloths

Now this may sound strange to most but I have found a new hobby. Making burp cloths! I cannot convey how excited I am about this project. My wonderful MIL has been teaching me to sew and this was one of her ideas to further my sewing education. I have so many friends pregnant at the moment that I agreed it was a practical idea as well.

I am hooked! I am ecstatic! I can only post a couple pictures of the ones I have made because some are going to be gifts so I cannot show them yet :) They are made from cloth diapers and embellished with simple fabric and ribbon but to me they are absolutely terrific and will make great gifts!

I want to start my own business selling these things along with my korker bows I can make!

Do any of you all think I could do it?

These are folded in half. The fabric is on the bottom half :)

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Anonymous said...

Your niece has some and with embroidery that are pretty. I think she has some that has the fabric only in the center. Yours turned out GREAT! Just make sure you are competitively priced since they are the hot new thing. (My business major is coming out- sorry!) Lanie will be happy to take the scraps or left overs!! :)