Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rent - A - Kid

I have come to the conclusion that I need to rent a kid.

Why you ask?

Because I have been sitting here for the last hour...ok couple hours...reading other people's blogs and some of the funniest blogs revolve around children.

I am guessing that this correlation comes because children are funny and adults can be too serious or boring. There was even a successful television show revolving around children and things they say that are...funny!

So since Sexy Husband is not in a procreating mood at this time in our lives, and even if I was in the process of making a child it would be at least a year before the really good posts started coming I have decided the solution is to rent a kid.

I could keep the kid for a couple hours, take notes on any funny anecdotes and then post them on here.

The result would be a large following and people vying to read my blog to have a side splitting laugh that would wipe away the drudgery of their work day!

So now the question is...where can I rent a kid?


Anonymous said...

I know exactly where you can find 3wonderful kids to study and I won't even charge you!!! :)


Anonymous said...

If you can hang on for about 5 more months, I will have a son you can rent. :)


Joe Sack said...

Two words: crowd-sourced daycare.