Monday, December 28, 2009

Good Samaritans

Tonight I had some of my faith restored in the youth of America.

Sexy Husband and I had gone out to eat with his brother who is in town for the holidays. Sexy Husband drove and we went to one of our favorite places to eat. After a good meal and good conversation we went by Sexy Husband's parents house to drop his brother off and say hi for a minute or two before heading home.

Upon arriving back at the house, I realized I did not have my purse with me. Of course the frantic search of the house and car begin before we call the in-laws to make sure it is not there. I am trying to remember if I took it with me or not which was uncertain because I did not drive. I am freaking out because it has money, debit card and a very expensive epi-pen inside it, along with my I.D.
We call the restaurant and talk to them, they know us well and I described exactly where we sat but no it was not there.

I was in the middle of running my hands through my hair asking where the heck it could be when the door bell rang. Now it is 9 o'clock at night so this was quite unusual. Upon answering the door, Sexy Husband is greeted by two highschool ( I am guessing) aged girls who hold out my purse to him and say "We found this and thought we should return it"

I was dumbfounded! They found my purse at the restaurant and instead of just turning it in the workers, they looked at the address on my I.D. and drove it to my house! All I could do was say Thank you in vast relief. They kinda grinned and asked if I had been freaking out to which I replied a definite yes! I said I had called the restaurant in a panic. I thanked them again and again but was still in shock.

Now that I reflect I wish I had done something more because that was such an awesome gesture in this day and age. I am not sure what I could have done but surely something more than babble on thank yous. I don't even know their names. I am not even sure I would recognize them if I saw them tomorrow.

I know they will probably never read my blog but I want to say Thank you again and I hope that they take that attitude that inspired them tonight and forge on into a bright future because this country and world needs more young people like them!

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