Friday, November 20, 2009

A Mother's Love....

The older I get the more I am shown how blessed I am to have the parents that I do. I have a great relationship with both of my parents who have been married to each other for 37 plus years. I consider The Mom one of my best friends and love the fact that I am so close to her.

As a child she was the disciplinarian because she stayed home with us so, though I loved her, I wouldn’t say she was my “favorite” parent at the time. As I got older we grew closer and I began to appreciate the disciplinarian that she used to be and the fountain of wisdom that she is now.

When I graduated from college I knew I could no longer stay in my home town because of many reasons, the main one being I knew my husband was somewhere else. It was a bittersweet move because there I was with my future bright and open ahead of me but leaving my best friend. I am sure if asked she would say I ran off and abandoned her without even a pause, but I did and still do miss being able to see her everyday.

Since I met Sexy Husband and we decided to settle where we are, which as you all know from previous posts is also where my brother and his family reside, I have been nagging The Mom about moving here. I, selfishly, want her near me so we can see each other more. Also I want her here for in the future when I start my family. I want my children to be able to know and adore their grandmother as much as I do.

Up until this point, The Mom has been quite adamant about not leaving the only place she has ever called home. She was born and raised in the city where she presently resides and it is all she has ever known. She has her soul-mate, her church, her dream home and her best friend. I completely understand her arguments. I may not agree with them, but I understand them.

Recently she has said she will pack up her dream house, sell it, and move from the only place she has called home to a new city to be near her children and grandchildren. I cannot even put into words how absolutely, deliriously happy I am about that. I want to cry at the sacrifice she is making for her children, once again proving what an awesome woman she is. I can only hope and pray I turn out to be half the woman/wife/mother that she is.

Now I know some readers might roll their eyes or gag at such sentiments but in this day and age where so many mothers could care less about their children, abandon their children, even murder their children; I consider her actions to be highly commendable.
Do we always agree? No. Do I think she is perfect? No, no one is. Do I ever roll my eyes at her? Yes. That is part of being mother/child or just plain human. I do, though, know how to appreciate the things that she does for me that are beyond what many “mothers” out there would do.

So this is one of my ways of saying thank you to The Mom for making the decision and sacrifice for us. I cannot wait to get you over here so we can do little things like go to Hobby Lobby, or eat Mexican for lunch. I cannot wait until I come over to your house for “coffee” in the mornings like we used to do with Grammy. I cannot wait to perhaps sing in the choir again and have you cheat off my notes for church. I cannot wait for that midnight call that says “Get to the hospital! We are having a baby!” and to hear you tell me what a wuss I am because I don’t handle pain like you do. I cannot wait to have my best friend and one of my biggest heroes near me again!

p.s. The Dad is loved just as much but this post was specifically for The Mom.


Angie said...

Oh such a sweet post! I feel the same way about my mom. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a best friend who's also my mom.

Anonymous said...

man, my eyes are leaking--ok, ok you are back in the will
love ya lots

Anonymous said...

Well, I know she is not my mom, but I speak on behalf of The Brother and clan that we are SO happy they are moving here! I may not drink coffee and already did the midnight call of having a baby, but it will be nice to have her here for her grandbabies to get to know better!!

Lara said...

I happen to think your post is great and your mom is WONDERFUL. You are so blessed to have her around. Cherish every moment with her, even the eye rolling....LOL!

I started following your blog, as well. If you get a chance, stop by and check out our family blog.
Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.