Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Funny little things...

I am closing in on my 28th birthday this year but it amazes me how I still have so many “childlike” things that I still like to do.

For example, in autumn, I simple cannot resist playing in the leaves. They lay there in such vibrant colors, blanketing the ground just begging to be shuffled through or thrown in the air. I usually can resist the urge to throw them in the air but I never can resist the urge to walk through the drifts of yellow, orange, red and brown, kicking my feet to cause the crinkling, crunching fluttering of them around me.

I always have to pick up one or two and keep them in sight at my desk or in my car to enjoy until they are so dry they fall apart in ashes. I just adore the changing color of the leaves!

Another example is the cart at the grocery store. I find myself constantly giving it a good push and hopping on to ride it, especially in the parking lot. I mimic the noise of a blinker when turning onto another aisle or “beep” when I am backing up in an aisle. Now I don’t do it loudly, more to myself, but still I do it! I cannot help it, most of the time it is involuntary.

When I am at home, in socks, walking down the hall I have to slide. Why waste such good hardwood floor friction, right?

When I mop or sweep, the mop/broom is my dancing partner and we swirl around like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

At restaurants, I ask for the child menu just so I can color and do the puzzles.

I have a really hard time “looking with my eyes not my hands” when I am in stores.

Etcetera. Etcetera. Etcertera.

I do believe I have the Peter Pan Syndrome!


Anonymous said...

i am 30 years your senior and still do all of those thing--enjoy life, God made a beautiful world for us to enjoy <3

Anonymous said...

oooopppppssss! it didn't make the heart--oh well, i meant well-lol