Sunday, November 8, 2009

First Cry of Life

This last Thursday morning I witnessed, or technically heard, one of the most beautiful earthly miracles with which God blessed us: the birth of a child.

I tear up even now at the wonderment at such a moment. As I stood in that hospital hallway I was surrounded by the full cycle of life. Somewhere in that building someone was dying, but there in front of me, my niece was being born.

Even not being her mother, when that first gargled cry rent through the air it pierced right into my heart. That feeling was absolutely indescribable and my pathetic attempt to put it into words will never do it justice.

I blubbered in the hall listening to the lusty cries that were the trumpet sound for a glorious miracle. For if you really give the birth of a child thought it is indeed a miracle. From conception to birth so many things have to happen just correctly and fall into place guided by God's hand that it is nothing short of a miracle.

My emotions only soared higher when that bundled little weeble wobble of a baby was placed in my arms. Her little lower lip sticking out to pout before she gave a cry as if to tell me of the horrors she had been put through to get here. Those unfocused eyes crinkling in the corners as she cried at the loss of her warm, cozy place and close, life-giving bond to her mother. Soft, smooth skin flushed with the warmth of life and amazingly clear to have just been born. Fingers so tiny they could not possibly be real. People who say they do not believe in love at first sight, have never held a baby the day it was born!

It is almost scary how quickly you can love and fiercely want to protect someone you have just met, someone whose personality has not even had time to develop, and voice has not been heard. Yet here she is and love her I do....

Princess Penguin
Born November 5, 2009
8 lbs and 1 oz
20 inches long


Anonymous said...

man--made me cry first thing this morning--beautiful

lime said...

welcome to the world princess penguin!

Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful and what a beautifully written blog. I can't wait to hear that first cry myself in about 5 months.