Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kamikaze squirrels, allergy shots and pregancy tests.

I meant to write last night but ended up spending time with Sexy Husband which is a much better alternative. So I am combining today and yesterday's post into one.

Kamikaze Squirrel

As a prelude I must mention I had a wreck a couple weeks ago, rear-ending someone and doing damage to my car. It is fixed now but I am still somewhat skittish. I am not a morning person and probably truly should not be operating heavy machinery (car) before....noon. Needless to say though I have to get to work somehow so I drive.

Yesterday I had just pulled out of my driveway and had not gone but two house lengths down the road when BAM! something hit my car. I slam on the breaks as I try to get my heart to start again, and figure out what I hit! There was nothing around, no cars, no kids, no cats, no dogs, nothing!

I hit Wonder Woman's jet!

Not really.

After a second or two, I realized the sound had come from above my head. I looked out the mirrors and saw a squirrel bouncing away from the car. WHAT?!? I was cannon-balled by a kamikaze squirrel! The little furry rodent gave me a heart attack! Would have been cooler to hit Wonder Woman's jet.

Allergy shots and pregnancy tests.

I am going to begin taking allergy shots tomorrow. I am really hoping they will work because as I like to joke I am "allergic to life". My allergies have increased since moving to the great AL so I am taking three different meds just to be able to breathe.

In a precautionary step I had to take a pregnancy test this morning to make sure that birth control had worked this month. It was an interesting mix of emotions to take that test this morning. As I have said in past posts, I have the baby itch though I know the timing is not right. I am keeping myself super busy so I can ignore the feeling but the underlying itch is still there.

So taking a pregnancy test this morning had me on a roller coaster. As I sat and watched for the stupid pink line(s) I was torn between this:

Side No Baby
  • the timing is not right
  • you are on birth control, have been for over a year and no mistakes yet so why now
  • your husband is not ready for a baby
  • your finances are not ready for a baby
  • ecetera, ecetera, ecetera!
Side Yes Baby
  • I want a baby!
Alas it was negative so I will have to wait (which is a good thing, at least that is what I will keep telling myself) and I start the shots tomorrow!

On a side note pregnancy tests are expensive! Sheesh children are expensive before you even know if you are having one or not!

Until next time...


Anonymous said...

Well, your brother would be proud of you for the squirrel issue- just next time hit it instead of the car in front of you! For pregnancy- well, you know my thoughts on that- are you ever really ready? That would be NO, trust me. You have 2 good examples of paths to follow in your mom and me- maybe you and sexy husband can meet the 2 examples in the middle! (You have already lasted longer than us!:))
The shots will change your world- my best friend is on them!!


Anonymous said...

I am absolutely fell out laughing when I thought about the kamikaze squirrel. What makes a squirrel want to attack a moving object that is larger than he is and it is moving?

As for pregnancy, everyone has told me that no one is ever 100% ready for a baby especially financially but that once there is a little one in the house everything works out.

Thanks for sharing your life adventures!