Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Bunny?

All I have to ask is...Who the "pg rating edit" made up an Easter Bunny who gives eggs to children???

Shouldn't it be the Easter Chicken if it is going to give out eggs?
Or the Easter Lizard?
Easter Bird?


The original person must have been high to think that a rabbit lays eggs.
Not only lays eggs but then dyes them and gives them away.

Once again it seems a commercialized way to extort money from the
gullible consumer.
Easter Bunny photos, Easter Bunny Baskets full of candies, card, and toys.
Easter Bunny ears, dresses, dolls.
And on top of that EGGS?!?

In truth it seems an Easter Bunny would in fact be a freak.
A Sl*t rabbit who has been getting a little too frisky in the hen house?
An Easter Bunny?

This is as bad as Rudolph!

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Nicki said...

Oh, I can see now that after that first Christmas and that first Easter you are never going to let me spend any holiday time whatsoever with your children. *sigh* I'm so going to miss out on making them Easter baskets every year and baking Rudolph Christmas cookies with them! Oh well, I still have Kim's kids.