Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Baby Itch

I have been fighting the baby itch lately. Sexy Husband and I are coming up on our one year anniversary and though I do not want to rush the permanent state of children I am having the itch. Why? Because everyone around me seems to be pregnant!!

I love children, always have. I was a babysitter, nanny, and daycare worker for more years than I was an accountant (and had to get a degree for the stupid accounting)

Technically I love children from birth til about 7 years of age. There is something that happens when they start school that steals the cuteness away from them and replaces it with "know it all" attitudes, larger appetites, and smart mouths.
I have joked before that it would be great if I could have kids and at school age give them away. Put an ad in the paper, you know:

Child Needs Good Home
Potty Trained
Can dress self
Speaks English
Comes with clothes, toys and backpack for school

Well I might have to tweak my ad abit, but you get the idea. There are people out there who don't like the baby phase but wouldn't mind getting a child that is already trained in the basics.

Well I am just being silly but the mere reminder that a baby eventually grows into a 7 yr old then a teenager has helped quell the baby itch I am experiencing due to the outbreak of pregnant women in my life!

How was that for a slightly A.D.D. driven post? Ha ha.
Until next time!

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lime said...

if you ever need a stronger antidote let me know, i have 3 teens i can help you with...