Thursday, January 15, 2009

Global Warming? Are you kidding me?!?

Ok I am not a global warming follower, nor did I research it for this post but I totally do not believe in it at this moment.

Why you ask?

Because it is so *PG rating edit* cold here!

I live in Alabama, one of the plus sides of living in the middle of Dixie is we don't have winters. Well technically we have winter but not what most people would call winter.

Snow is a thing you see on t.v. or read about in a book, you rarely ever actually see it here. Also a coat, a real coat is not usually owned unless you are one of the crazy hunter types that like to get up at 4am.

An Alabama version of winter means not as many flowers bloom, it rains a lot more, you can wear short sleeve with a light jacket, you can go outside without melting or being carried off by large insects, and you actually can turn the air condition off for a month or two.

It is not supposed to get 10 degrees!! At this moment it is quickly heading towards that temperature. So Global Warming my *PG rating edit*



Anonymous said...

baby it's cold outside--just pretend that i am singing it-lol

lime said...

it's 10 degrees in alabama? that's not at all uncommon up here but we do complain when it gets that cold. ya'll must be about ready to curl up and die down there in the deep south. you have my sympathy.

Breazy said...

It is snowing here! YAY!!!! It has been snowing all day. I love snow but we rarely get it and if we have to suffer through the cold temps then I want my reward for it and my reward is snow. We hit 5F both Thursday and Friday night.

Have a good day!