Monday, November 24, 2008

On a brighter note...

Despite having serious problems with my allergies on Sunday I managed to paint our front door!

In the beginning it was a drab, unnoticeable brown:

Then I had an epiphany! I decided to tape it up and paint it!

First I primed it to be rid of the drab brown.

Then I gave it vitality and life with red!

And now it is a vivacious door for the whole neighborhood to see!


Kati said...

Hi Imp!!! Thanks for commenting on my blog. The door is incredible!!!! Was it too very tedious??? (I'd love to do it to our front door, but I'm afraid the hubby will nix the idea, so I haven't mentioned it yet.) Did it take long to dry??? Anyway, lovely way to add interest to the front of your home.

Ameratis said...

It was not hard at all Kati. I just got about a quart of red paint from a big box home store and already had some primer.

The hardest thing about right now is it has to be between certain temperatures to be able to paint an exterior area so look for that on the paint can. It can't be too cold.

I did it all myself. I taped around the knob and lock. Used a regular roller and went at it. I did use a brush from the inlayed part but then rolled over it carefully with the roller after to give it all the same texture.

I did it in one afternoon and I only have one spot to touch up because it got dark and I couldn't see as well.

Also I only painted the front part. Hope this helps and hope you can con the hubby into letting you do so.

Anonymous said...

love the door