Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Like a Desperate Housewife show....

The scene was perfect and hilarious!

Since I did not have to work today being in between jobs I thought to raise Sexy Husband's spirits after he came home from work. It is Monday and surely coming home to a wife who wishes to seduce you would be nice, yes?

So I had set the stage:

The table was nicely set with plates, placemats (the nice ones), cups with napkins folded cute within, and candles. I had gussied up (had gotten a haircut earlier in the day so hair was salon beautiful!) and was wearing something quite...provocative...shall we say to keep the PG rating of this blog. I was browning the meat for dinner in said outfit when the doorbell rings.

Oh crap!

I had to race to the back and throw on a normal shirt and try to look decent for public before going to answer the door. It was the yard guy! Or I should say the neighbor's yard guy who I had asked to have come over next time he cut her yard because I wanted to check his prices and such. Was not expecting him to show up this very minute!!

So provocative outfit hidden beneath a softball shirt, dinner cooking, I spoke with the guy and made arrangements.....and he wanted to start tonight!

I couldn't say no because with gas prices, he was already in the neighborhood, and our yard did need mowing. So he started mowing in the backyard.

Oh crap my meat was burning!!

This was like a scene from Desperate Housewives!

Scramble to save dinner if I could. Grinding teeth because I could not seduce Sexy Husband with the lawn man doing his job outside!

I paced and paced. Let me say, this lawnman has earned a place in my book because he finished the minute Sexy Husband pulled into the driveway. I paid him. He left. I raced to rid of the normal clothes to re-reveal provocative.

Dinner was saved.

Sexy Husband was seduced!

This episode ended happily!


lime said...

lol, when i was a newlywed it seemed it was always my MIL who felt the need to call at the moment when i was working my wiles. i swear that woman had radar.

glad to hear the yard guy was appropriately efficient.

Anonymous said...

way too much info for your mama to read--but please send next installment of story-lol

Breazy said...

I am glad the evening turned out good for you.

Kid Johnny C said...

You know, after reading this, I'm not sure I can look you in the face with seriousness! hahahaha JUST KIDDING!! That's hilarious!